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Asbestos Surveys

Identifying and safeguarding asbestos

Management Surveys

There are two types of asbestos survey, the first of which is a management survey. This involves the location of any asbestos-containing materials in order to assess their condition. It will determine the likelihood of the asbestos being disturbed or damaged during the day-to-day occupancy of the building. Samples are collected from the location and analysed to confirm whether or not there is a presence of threatening fibres.

It is essential that both the surveyor and client understand what type of survey is required. There needs to be a clear record and statement of the type of survey carried out. This statement needs to include the location of the survey and why it is being undertaken.

Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys

The second category of survey refers to the tests needed for a refurbishment or demolition to go ahead. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 state that there is a duty to remove, as far is reasonably practicable, all asbestos-containing materials before final demolition or major refurbishment takes place.

This type of survey will involve, if necessary, destructive inspection in order to gain access to the areas where asbestos-containing materials are located, and could involve walls, partitions, ceilings and cladding to be broken. This variety of survey must be conducted in an unoccupied area to minimise the health risks to members of the public or employees.

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Why Do I Need An Asbestos Survey?

It is imperative for anyone in charge of a property or building to ensure it is safe, not just for yourself but other potential occupants. Surveys can:

  • Alleviate the worry for homeowners and proprietors of commercial buildings
  • Safely identify and determine the best course of action if it is found
  • Educate occupants on the potential risks for future reference
  • Determine whether to remove or repair

You must have you survey conducted by professional contractors who can give you detailed and reliable advice, this means calling the experts at ID Asbestos Ltd.

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