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Asbestos Repair

Fully-trained specialists making your property safe

Professional Asbestos Contractors

Both major and minor repair works must always be carried out by a fully-trained asbestos specialist. The risk of disturbing the areas that contain dangerous fibres is huge, but our technicians have the knowledge and health and safety training to repair many products without risk.

It can be more cost-effective, and often safer, to leave some asbestos materials within a property rather than attempting a difficult removal. As we always prioritise the safety of our customers, as well as future inhabitants of the property, we recommend the safest options first.

What Repairs Can Be Done?

Repairing an asbestos problem usually involves either covering or sealing the material in which the dangerous fibres are found. Sealing, also called encapsulation, uses a sealant to either bind the asbestos fibres together or cover them completely to prevent them from being released. Covering, which is also referred to as enclosure, uses a protective wrap to encapsulate the material to stop it from escaping into the air.

With any type of repair, the asbestos remains in place however it is adequately blocked from being released into the air which is where the dangers originate. Both major and minor repair works, as well as removal, must always be carried out by a fully-trained asbestos specialist. There is always a risk of disturbing the fibres that comprise this dangerous mineral, expelling them into the air and consequently creating a health risk to those in the immediate vicinity.

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Why Repair and Not Remove?

There are many reasons why people choose to have repairs over removals, these include:

  • More cost-effective than removal
  • Less interference within a property
  • Reduces risk of future disturbance
  • Whatever the issue we have a safe repair option to suit

If you think asbestos repair would be beneficial to your property, ask ID Asbestos Ltd about the best options for you.

Repairing asbestos
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