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Asbestos Health and Safety

Discover the dangers and solutions surrounding asbestos

 workman with clipboard

Asbestos Facts

Find out more about asbestos such as where it can be found in a building and how it came to be used so often in traditional building techniques.

 yellow danger tape

Risks of Asbestos

Discover the risks associated with asbestos and why it has become one of the most dangerous, yet most frequently used, fibres in construction.

2015-08-24 00:27:52

Assessing the Risks

As with all dangerous materials, asbestos should only be handled by well-trained professionals who know the ins and outs of dealing with such a deadly substance. At ID Asbestos Ltd, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, reliability and friendly service.

There are health and safety risks associated with surveying and taking samples of asbestos-containing materials. Before a survey is undertaken, we will carry out a risk assessment followed by a Plan of Work. We make sure to inform all our employees, and indeed customers, of any issues that may come up throughout the process so everyone is kept safely in the know.

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